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The new generation of lift buffers of AUTAN® HE



Presentation of new products at the INTERLIFT 2015 in Augsburg

Press release:

The new generation of lift buffers of AUTAN® HE

The up-to-date security product certified according to the new DIN standard EN 81-20/50

This latest innovation of ACLA is made possible through highest manufacturer competence attained by own formula developments and material preparations as well as company-owned production facilities.

Buffers of AUTAN HE are characterized by their high volume compressibility. In practical use, their application range is significantly extended compared to earlier generations of elastomer buffers.  Thus ACLA-WERKE GMBH offers a reliable planning tool to the lift constructors for the implementation of the new standard EN 81-20/50 which will be applied from June 2017 on. 

For more details please see our press release

Details and information about our new lift buffers of AUTAN® HE

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