Gentle and reliable handling of goods using suction cups and grippers from ACLATHAN®-P und ACLATHAN®-AP

Gripping elements used in pneumatic handling are subject to extreme strains. The suction cups and grippers made by ACLA-WERKE using the high-grade water-crosslinked PUR-elastomers ACLATHAN P and ACLATHAN AP are adapted to these special requirements and convince by many advantages:

  • high mechanical strength
  • extremely long service life
  • extraordinary abrasion resistance
  • high tensile and tear propagation strength
  • insensitive to burrs and sharp edges
  • good adhesion and grip
  • ideal adjustment between elasticity and strength
  • temperature range from - 40° C (- 40° F) to + 80° C (+ 176° F)
  • excellent resistance against hydrolysis (ACLATHAN AP)

Especially the extremely long service life, also under roughest operation conditions, contributes essentially to an increased economy in the whole material handling field by a reduction of down-time. This is the case with the handling of parts in the paper, cardboard and packaging industry, in the glass and metal industry, in wooden sheet processing, car production, plastic and ceramic industry.

ACLA-WERKE offer a comprehensive article program for the product field suction cups and grippers which are available with or without adapterrs and reducers.


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