Screen printing & printing industry

ACLA PUR elastomers for printing

Modern printing and finishing machines require components with high precision, reliability and economy. ACLA-moulded parts for the printing industry made of the homogeneous PUR-elastomer ACLATHAN and the cellular PUR-elastomer ACLACELL stand up to these requirements in an ideal way.

Special compounds adapted to the special requirements of the printing industry guarantee a safe functioning and extremely long service life of all parts.

The ACLA article program for printing and finishing machines:

  • Cutting bars
  • Knife cushions/combined knife cushions
  • Damping bars
  • Suction cups
  • Feed rollers
  • Cylinder coatings

Squeeges from ACLATHAN: for screen printing

ACLA-WERKE offer a comprehensive range of high-grade squeeges for all cases of the daily screen printing practice which set a standard in the screen printing world thanks to a long experience in the application. The screen printer has a choice between different profiles and Shore-hardnesses ranging from 65 Shore A to 90 Shore A as well as combination blades covering different jobs.For detailed information on the delivery program of ACLA squeeges please ask for a prospectus.


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