Beverage industry

ACLA grips the bottles the right way

Construction elements of ACLATHAN for the beverage industry.

Enormous running speeds and shorter cycles of efficient packers and unpackers in the beverage industry require reliably functioning moulded parts and materials guaranteeing a long service life at the same time.

The possibilities in mixing compounds of the PUR-elastomer ACLATHAN meet this demanding requirement profile fully. Moulded parts of ACLATHAN P and ACLATHAN KH for the beverage industry offer excellent properties to the technical user and consequently a high economical efficiency during the operation.

The ACLA product program for the beverage industry:

  • grippers and "long life grippers"
  • pressure rings
  • filler cones
  • bottle pads
  • combination rollers
  • suction cups
  • seals

The material advantages:

  • high wear and tear propagation resistance
  • food compatibility
  • very good mechanical resistance
  • high adhesion and grip
  • wide temperature range
  • good hydrolysis resistance


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