General engineering

Against noise and wear

Polyurethane elastomers from ACLA for engineering.

Where noise, wear and dynamic requirements are existing there are ideal possibilities
to use moulded parts of high-grade cellular and homogeneous PUR-elastomers from ACLA.

The excellent properties of these efficient materials concerning wear and tear resistance, compression set, noise damping and medium resistance enable many applications in the whole engineering field.

Preferred applications for engineering: 

  • Seals for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, for examples U-cups, scraper rings, rod seals, radial seals etc.
  • Damping elements and springs
  • Coatings as wear and noise protection
  • Drive and coupling elements

Depending on the degree of mechanical strain or itensity of medium influences ACLA-WERKE are in a position to find suitable solutions also for special requirements on the basis of their know-how in PUR-processing. This is valid for the production of single parts as per drawing or sample and for industrial mass production.


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